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NLG and the orphan blocks!

As you all have noticed, NLG blocks are orphan a lot.... the reason is that some large witness accounts have not upgraded to ..... their accounts are about to expire in about ~5 hours, so hang in for now, things will get smoother today!

please give me your vote!

Tell me what in your opinion is the best choice of coins..... 10 bigger coins or 15-20 with a few smaller ones.... I'm struggling like most other pools do.... and I want your opinion! Please send it to dimarco@hbgrp.nl!

15 coins, a few small ones to fill up the gaps

As you have probably noticed, I have added a few smaller coins. Those are 'fillers', they come in when the bigger coins have a difficulty so high that the changes of finding a block are simply to low..... and to make a bit money in between the small...